Grain Grading Services

BioVision operates a full service grain quality testing laboratory to serve the dynamic needs of the grain, research and food processing sectors. We differentiate our services with our comprehensive grain quality results package. We not only assign a grade, but we also include grading factors that impacted the grade and others factors of agronomic interest (midge damage, FDK, etc.). We have developed innovative LIVE data solutions to deliver test results or we can customize test result delivery in the format that fits into your business.

Grain Grading will be a pivotal analysis for grain farmers in the next few years as grain marketing evolves. Knowing what you have to sell is a necessary starting point for discussions with grain buyers and merchants. You will fully understand your grain quality when you order a grain grade from BioVision!

In-Depth Grain Quality Testing Information:                                                                  Phone 1-877-721-2365 or Text 1-587-801-1313

Our grain quality experts take pride in delivering the following services:

Grain Grading Services:

  • Grain Grade Assignment and Factors
  • Dockage / Foreign Material
  • Protein (NIR)
  • Bushel Weight 

Grain Quality and End Use Testing

  • Moisture
  • Oil Content (NIR)
  • Malt Germination
  • Falling Number
  • Mycotoxin (ELISA): Vomitoxin, Aflatoxin and Ochratoxin

BioVision Seed Labs is the leading Canadian agriculture laboratory, partnered with the seed and grain industry, farmers, agricultural & agronomy research organizations, life science and crop protection companies to meet top quality assurance and certification testing. We are lab specialists and experts in a variety of seeds and grains including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, forages, grasses, and specialty crops across Canada. We offer cost effective grade analysis services, varietal identification, and seed testing for physical purity, germination, disease and vigor testing. Grading and diagnostics are critical for crop production, maximum yield, plant growth and best agronomic field results.

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