Inspection Services

SGS BioVision’s portfolio of inspection services is supported by technical expertise, integrated software and flexible delivery.

In-Depth Inspection Information:                                                            Phone 1-800-952-5407 or Text 1-587-801-1313

As changes emerge in the marketplace, we are flexible and will respond to your inspection needs.

Pedigreed Seed Crop Inspections - Stay tuned for 2018!

SGS BioVision has wrapped up the 2017 seed crop inspection season. Thank you for the business! We are accredited for:

PLOTS, PULSES (peas, faba beans, soybean), CEREALS (winter wheat, wheat, barley, triticale, oat, rye), FLAX, and any other crop listed in Section 2&3 for Zone 9 (Central AB).

Our 6 CFIA ACCREDITED Licensed Crop Inspectors (LSCI) gives you the confidence your field will be inspected in a timely fashion!

How to learn about SGS BioVision's Seed Crop Inspection Services:

1. Contact Holly Gelech ( at Phone 1-800-952-5407 or Text 1-587-801-1313 to learn how we are focused on quality inspections!

2. Select BioVision as your ASCIS when applying for Seed Crop Inspection in CSGA's SeedCert software!  

Grain Inspection

BioVision’s top notch grain quality inspectors are experts in grain inspection service delivery, with over 25 years’ experience, and are committed to prompt responsiveness needed for your active grain business.  We can assist you with your basic analysis, as well as enhanced end-use tests, such as mycotoxin measurements, falling number and oil content. Call us at 1-800-952-5407 for quotation.


BioVision Seed Labs is the leading Canadian agriculture laboratory, partnered with the seed and grain industry, farmers, agricultural & agronomy research organizations, life science and crop protection companies to meet top quality assurance and certification testing. We are lab specialists and experts in a variety of seeds and grains including cereals, pulses, oilseeds, forages, grasses, and specialty crops across Canada. We offer cost effective grade analysis services, varietal identification, and seed testing for physical purity, germination, disease and vigor testing. Grading and diagnostics are critical for crop production, maximum yield, plant growth and best agronomic field results.

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